General Air Conditioners

General Air Conditioners

GENERAL Company was founded in 1936 in Japan. In 1984, the GENERAL CORPORATION acquired the majority of shares from the FUJITSU GROUP which was once Japan’s market leader for home entertainment products. It was renamed as FUJITSU GENERAL LTD, after a period of consolidation in the eighties. FUJITSU GENERAL LTD, is today the proud manufacturers for world class air conditioners.

GENERAL is now the number one air conditioner in the world. Its prominence in technology is proved by its dedication to provide customers with the most innovative and reliable products, thus creating greater efficiency and convenience in workplace and home.

  • Wall Mounted Type
  • Compact Cassette Type
  • Large Sized Ceiling Type
  • Floor Standing Type
  • Floor I Ceiling Universal Type
  • Multi Air Conditioning System
  • Duct Type
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF)